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Keep up with the latest trends and discover a universe of inspiring edits, presets, and templates to match any aesthetic
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All you'll ever need is a friendly easy-to-use photo and video editor
Turn your photos into something more a camera can capture. Enhance your creations with D3D, AR objects, or captions using 800+ top-notch effects.
Power of AI
Create eye-catching profile pictures. Become a comic book character or convert your selfies and portraits into works of art with AI-powered effects.
Achieve the flawless look in a touch. Smooth out your skin, whiten your teeth, or even reshape your face - the choice is always yours.
Color-correct your narratives and highlight your moods. Switch up the vibe with vintage, retro, Y2K, Indie Kid style in a single tap.
Advanced Editing
Go beyond the standard photo filter. Enhance images, finetune them for contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, or sharpening to level up your edits.
Video Templates
It doesn’t always have to start from scratch. Get the best tips and push your content even further with intros, outros, and background music. An entire production studio’s work is at your fingertips.
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