I think the app is broken. How can I fix it?
Sorry for the trouble!

There are some steps you can make to troubleshoot minor issues with the app.

We recommend cleaning the app frequently. To do that:
Step 1
Go to Settings > Apps.
Step 2
Find Prequel and go to Storage.
Step 3
Tap "Clear data/storage" and "Clear cache".
* Please note that names of sections may vary depending on your device manufacturer.

Sometimes issues may arise if there's not enough working memory available. To clean it, we recommend restarting your device and then force closing all of the running apps. Then start Prequel again.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us! You can do it here in the app via Contact us button or email us at support@prequelapp.com. We're always happy to help :)
We’re glad to hear that! 🎉
Sorry to hear that!
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